Walk it on out Now

I am listening to a podcast episode on marriage and stress on #marriageandmartinis taking a walk. I realized sleep makes me better and my marriage better and my parenting better. Sometimes, I cannot control the fact I don’t get good sleep, between the dogs and kids walking up at random hours. Sometimes, less frequently unfortunately, I have great REM sleep. When I do, I am more intentional with my thoughts, time, and emotions.

Also, when I take time for myself, whether it be read a book, take a walk, or go out with some girl friends, I am a happier version of myself. I am able to let stress roll off better.

If you haven’t read #girlwashyourface by Rachel Hollis, do it! You will feel inspired to be true to and honest with yourself. You will treat yourself more kindly.

Hey moms out there, do something to have peace today



Random PMS Body Image Thoughts

I feel okay about my body when I go to WalMart or a gas station. At Norstroms, I realize I am not trendy enough to wear fake eyelashes, and I would probably fit in their clothes better if I lost 15 lbs. Also, I bought several outfits thinking if they look somewhat decent while bloated, they will look fabulous 25 days of the month!

At Starbucks, I am reminded of the fact that there are alllll types of people. I mean, I wish I dyed my hair purple or mermaid colors when I was younger. I can’t do it now in my profession. Also, I know people are attracted to androgynous people, but I like strong shoulders, short hair, obvious signs a beard could be grown at any minute even though he shaved that morning, and just plain flat out manliness. That is what I am attracted to, and that is all for me.

Yes, my brain goes haywire the day before my next cycle. Truth be told….