Random PMS Body Image Thoughts

I feel okay about my body when I go to WalMart or a gas station. At Norstroms, I realize I am not trendy enough to wear fake eyelashes, and I would probably fit in their clothes better if I lost 15 lbs. Also, I bought several outfits thinking if they look somewhat decent while bloated, they will look fabulous 25 days of the month!

At Starbucks, I am reminded of the fact that there are alllll types of people. I mean, I wish I dyed my hair purple or mermaid colors when I was younger. I can’t do it now in my profession. Also, I know people are attracted to androgynous people, but I like strong shoulders, short hair, obvious signs a beard could be grown at any minute even though he shaved that morning, and just plain flat out manliness. That is what I am attracted to, and that is all for me.

Yes, my brain goes haywire the day before my next cycle. Truth be told….


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